Sample tracking in the pathology lab

PathoTrac is an extension for PathoWin+.


PathoTrac is a laboratory tracking module for easy tracking of cassettes and slides on their way through the pathology laboratory. The module can be conveniently operated on PCs without keyboard and mouse via touchscreen and barcode reader.

PathoTrac logs when, where and by whom a cassette or slide was processed at a workstation in the laboratory. For each workstation in the laboratory, PathoTrac offers a special mask that displays exactly what is needed at this step in the laboratory workflow.

Macro workstation

Tracking of samples at the macro workstation, incl. special mask for biopsies

Microtome workstation

Prints slides on-demand and tracks them at the microtome workstation.

Login/Logout with badge

For quick user change in the lab, simply scan employee badge with barcode using handheld scanner.

Dehydration workstation

Tracking of samples that are being dehydrated.

Distribution workstation

Indicates if a case is complete and helps with case distribution.

DMS Plus

Macro images can be displayed during pouring when PathoTrac is used with the DMS Plus module.

Pouring workstation

Prints cassettes on-demand and tracks blocks with their samples.

Case distribution with camera

Photographs folders thus each slide does not have to be scanned individually.


Cassette and slide printers, automatic stainers and immunostainers can be flexibly connected.