Archive management in the LIS

The archive module is an extension for PathoWin+.

Archive module

The archive module extends PathoWin+ and PathoTrac by the functionality to assign blocks, slides and residual material to a storage in an archive. It is possible to manage input and output to the archive, as well as the position of the object in the archive.

The archive module allows you to structure your archive into zones and trays, which can be easily managed. Objects are assigned to a tray with a known capacity. Filings can be managed in zones. Zones can be moved in the archive, including all contained files.


Structure your archive into zones and trays with defined capacity.


Create consiliary letters and reminders for borrowed material. Manage all consiliaries and all loans.


Quickly reorder shelves and zones without scanning cartridges and slides individually.

Loan status

See if material is in the archive or on loan when ordering from the archive. This helps you reduce unnecessary errands.

Archive ordering

Create picking lists for orders, including placeholder cards for the archive.

Short-term and long-term archive

Create a daily archive in the lab, a weekly archive on the floor and a long-term archive in the basement with just a few clicks.