Digital dictation for reporting

PathoDic is an extension for PathoWin+.


PathoDic is a module for PathoWin+ to easily dictate reports via digital dictation to be written by a typist.

PathoDic consists of two parts that are available depending on the user role.

PathoDic Recorder is used to record macro and micro dictations at the corresponding workstation. Simply scan the sample number or case number and start the corresponding dictation. The dictation is automatically recognized as a macro or micro dictation and linked to the correct case. This means that different doctors and different transcriptionists can work on the same case at different times and the dictations are always clearly assigned. After completion of the dictation, it is automatically moved to a customer-defined dictation pool and available for transcription.

PathoDic Player is used for listening to the dictations from the pool and writing the associated reports. The completed reports automatically appear on the list for electronic signature and release with physicians stored for this purpose. Customized signature rules ensure a smooth workflow on a daily basis.

Clearly assigned dictations

Macrodictates and microdictates are clearly assigned to the case without confusion. Scanning the corresponding barcode determines what a dictation belongs to.

Status of a report

See at a glance which cases a macro or micro dictation has already been made for and where the associated text has already been written.

Collaborative environment

Multiple people can dictate macro and microdictations, check them out from the pool, and transcribe them, working together on the same report for the same case.

eSignature list

Completed reports automatically end up on the release list for electronic signature according to the signature regulations of the hospital.

Internal/external transcription service

Define which dictation pools should be accessible for which transcription service. E.g. simple dictations for the external transcription service, more complex dictations for the internal secretary’s office.

Dock Recorder

Simply dock PathoDic Recorder to your workstation so that you can stay on the same screen when making findings.