Market-leading pathology LIS in Switzerland

for end-to-end digital processes and automated workflows


PathoWin+ is the market-leading pathology laboratory information system (LIS) in Switzerland.

More efficiency for your pathology lab: Get end-to-end digital processes and automated workflows. From the receipt of the order to the acceptance of the samples, through all work steps through the entire laboratory, to diagnosis, to billing and statistical evaluation of key figures relevant to operations.

The basic functionality of PathoWin+ can be complemented by the following modules:

Quick overview of all cases, including status and preliminary findings.

Structuring and management of the block and slide archive in zones and trays.

Recording and evaluation of frozen section times, staff, diagnoses and quality parameters.

Easy tracking of blocks and slides through your laboratory.

Digital voice dictation and reporting by voice recognition.

Intuitive management of images and documents per specimen, submission, patient and sender.

Digital pathology with bidirectional connections to scanners and IMS.


Service billing and dunning directly from tghe LIS


Integration in hospital environment, flexible connection of cassette and slide printers, staining machines, laboratory measuring devices and peripheral systems.