All cases at a glance

The diagnostics dashboard is an extension for PathoWin+.

Diagnostics dashboard

The diagnostics dashboard module provides physicians with a central, linked workspace in PathoWin+.

The diagnostics dashboard provides an overview of all assigned cases at a glance, as well as their status and information already available, such as preliminary findings. The most important tools for processing cases are centrally summarized and linked so that you no longer have to leave the screen when making findings.

By default, the reporting pool (submission to physician), the open lab orders and the completed cases are visible.

In addition to these predefined process steps, customer-specific processes can also be integrated. For example, a case submission from the laboratory can automatically transfer the assigned case to a physician in his work list in the diagnostics dashboard, or a case can be assigned to a colleague for a second opinion and this is immediately visible in the case overview. After appropriate training, key users can also manage these processes themselves.

Case overview

Which cases are ready for reporting?
Which cases are waiting for release?

Check for completeness

Are all slides of a case complete? How many have been digitally scanned?

Monitoring of laboratory processes

At which workstation material is piling up? How long has a case been in the lab?