Digital pathology for workflows according to the guidelines

The virtual slides module is an extension for PathoWin+.

Virtual slides

The virtual slides module enables digital pathology with bidirectional connection of PathoWin+ to scanners and image management systems (IMS) of different manufacturers.

We have implemented the bidirectional communication between PathoWin+, the IMS and the digital scanner according to the guidelines of the Digital Pathology Association (DPA).

The PathoWin+ Virtual Slide module ensures continuous bidirectional digital workflows to various manufacturers and their IMS systems: Philips IntelliSite IMS and Ultra Fast Scanner, 3D Histech and SlideCenter, as well as Pixcelldata and Collibio. We also have connections to vendor-neutral IMS such as Telemis or Tribvn and also support file-based connections, such as for Hamamatsu and VMscope.

The Virtual Slides module is designed for use with the Diagnostics Dashboard. This allows you to see all scanned as well as not yet digitized slides per case at a glance. The case view in the Diagnostics Dashboard is linked to the Slide Viewer so that you can conveniently order, e.g., antibody stains in the lab.

Case overview

View fully digital or hybrid cases where not all slides have been digitized. The case-based view in PathoWin+ with the overview images of the scanned slides is always synchronized with the external viewer of your choice.

Completeness check

See at a glance whether all slides of a case have been digitally scanned. This ensures that you always find complete cases. Conveniently order antibody staining in the lab as well as digitization of slides.

Remote reporting

Thanks to the Virtual Slides module, pathologists can diagnose cases digitally and online on screen from home, obtain second opinions and participate in tumor boards. Reporting thus also works in the home office.