More efficiency for your pathology lab

Basys Data is a provider of IT services and software in the medical field with a focus on pathology. Basys Data has over 20 years of experience in pathology and specializes in the integration of existing systems and hardware with its own software. 

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PathoWin+ is a laboratory information system (LIS) for the modern pathology lab. Increase the efficiency in your laboratory: Digital pathology with workflows that work in everyday life, speech recognition and speech control that bring a noticeable added value: Switch to PathoWin+!


PathoTrac is a PathoWin+ add-on module for tracking cassettes and slides via a unique barcode. Log work steps in your pathology laboratory, keep track of all material for a case and optimize case composition at the distribution point.


PathoWeb is an additional module for electronic report transmission from PathoWin+. PathoWeb allows senders of pathology to view reports and images of their patients online and integrate them into their electronic medical history in PDF format.